In the homestretch?

For the past year, the plan was to have a working version of BlendShow before December 14th so I can use it in my church’s Christmas celebration. Currently I’m unsure if it’ll be ready, but I’m going to at least try to use it for part of the event. Looking at the video from last year, the main performance was basically fading between videos for each song, which is easy to one-up. Lyrics would be more difficult, since there’s no easy lyric/slide management system coded yet, especially comparable to what we currently use(ProPresenter).
The target goal for 1.0 is for it to be very text friendly with full control from the editor/controller window. The target goal for 0.1 is at least to be usable for one type of basic presentation with 2D text at minimum. 3D text is possible, but it’ll take some extra coding to make it editable AND work well in the game engine at the same time(currently requires conversion to mesh).

The biggest slowdown for… everything in my life currently, is my mom having a stroke. I’m now taking care of her 24/7. She’s fairly independent right now, but I have to do her chores and keep an eye on her in case of emergency.

Another slowdown, but a speedup in the long run, is building my new computer! My first custom build. It’s a beast. It also runs Linux Mint, which is taking a little bit to settle into. I will eventually install Windows 8.1 as a virtual machine, but I’m not sure I’ll take the time to do that before December 14th.

I’m very passionate about making BlendShow great. I haven’t been enthralled in a project as much as this one. I’ve continued to test a lot of methods of doing BlendShow things in Blender(scene overlays & backgrounds were my latest focus of testing, which could provide some great transitions), I just need to set aside enough time to do the actual coding.


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