Christmas celebration went well, btw

I haven’t had time to do a writeup on the Christmas celebration, and I don’t have time right now, but since the last update was from November I’ll copy and paste part of a comment on BlenderNation I just made regarding the event:

At Christmas, I used the game engine mostly for simple stuff(video display with transitions, exact positioning and tiling, tilting the videos on one song), but for the finale I put a twinkling starfield video on the inside of a cylinder and spun it at 2 different speeds( ). Nothing spectacular, and I shouldn’t have deactivated the speed I considered dizzying(small bursts would have been fine), but the interactivity was a nice touch and pushed development on parts of BlendShow, mostly with video display and game logic. I’ve been meaning to do a writeup on the event at but time hasn’t allowed. I did do a writeup on the Halloween-alternative event “Kidfest”, though it was just a still image created in Blender and spotlights that light up when you hit the space bar, due to time constraints.

Setting things up for the event was stressful and unfinished during the last practice, mostly because I only intended to use BlendShow on the finale. Then, the band leader wanted the lyrics ONLY on their monitor a few weeks before the event, and at the moment I could only think of one option: Use BlendShow for the videos on the big screens and keep the lyrics in ProPresenter(lyrics/media program) on their screen. During the 3rd/last performance, I realized I could have used Powerpoint or Impress for their lyrics, keeping the simplicity of ProPresenter for my assistant. However, I didn’t know what the finale would be like until the day of the first performance(they had different practices), so it wouldn’t have helped for that part, either.

During the last practice, my pastor even told me twice to give up on it and just use ProPresenter. Unfortunately that would have taken just as much time to tidy up as fixing the problem I was having(uv mapping went berserk). In the end, the video presentation went well. The first performance had blocky videos, though, which I looked up the remedy for afterward and added in a way to go BACK a video in case we went too far. This was time-consuming because each song was its own scene and I had no playlist management programmed in. I had to specify in the game logic for each song which scene to go to next. Individually. Yeah, I think I’ll work on some playlist management in BlendShow so you can just drag scenes/slides around.

So overall it was a success, and a few weeks ago my pastor asked if we could use Blendshow for the videos we show before service. What he really wanted was the tiling, which I can do with a video editor.

The future:
With my mom’s health improving after her stroke, I might get some free time to work on BlendShow before Blender reaches 2.71, but I’m still unsure when an alpha version will be ready. There are still plenty of demands on my time, but it’s shifted more to financial rather than health.

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