Project Gooseberry Open Movie!

Gooseberry bannerThe Blender Institute is raising funds to produce the world’s first feature length open movie. Currently there are 15 days left(EXTENDED! Check widget at end of this post)(Animation of pilot is finished, widget has been removed now). I’m very excited for this movie. The story is about a sheep that longs for a more interesting life, when along comes a salesman that gives him the ability to switch to a different dimension every 5 minutes and live a completely different life. Here is the teaser trailer:

Since I have recently started a new job that has tripled my income(don’t get too excited, I worked 13 hours per week at minimum wage previously), I am now able to FINALLY support an open movie! One of the perks is the Blender Cloud, which lets you download all of the files from the other open movies AND all of the training videos/files. In addition, you get the same files the studios have access to, allowing you to watch the production of the film in real time! A great deal for 10 euros per month(US$12.80).

Hopefully I can create some BlendShow assets with some of these things.

I really want this to succeed, both for the movie and the development this will drive.

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