What’s going on with BlendShow?

The BlendShow plugin has basically not been worked on since Christmas 2013. With the demands of a full-time job and taking care of my mom after her stroke in September 2013, I’ve been pretty busy with other things. I’m still trying to finish a website task for my church that should’ve been finished by the beginning of this year.

The current plan is for BlendShow to be a plugin for Blender, rather than a full program, for simplicity and ease of deployment. The Mac version would have to be plugin-only anyway unless I got easy access to a Mac. I’ll still create an installer for Windows, for simplicity.

I seriously hope I can get a good amount of BlendShow-programming time in this year. I really want this program to be available, and Blender keeps getting new features that BlendShow will really benefit from. Hopefully the viewport depth of field will be able to match what the game engine shows, I’d like the editor window to mimic the finished result as closely as possible.

There’s also supposed to be a new set of keyboard commands for Blender, including left-click select(!), coming soon, which will cause fewer tweaks to be made to the interface.

On to life:

My mom has recovered pretty well after her stroke. She can cook for herself and sometimes spontaneously bakes a cake. She has mastered the art of cracking an egg with just one usable hand. I really only need to drive her places. She still can’t speak very well, but I do keep hearing new phrases from her.

My current job has me doing some programming, which might help BlendShow a little, though only half of it is in Python, the programming language of Blender’s interface. Actually I’m not sure what the other half will be yet(Java seems likely, which I have no experience programming), so it could all be in Python if I can figure out how to do this task with Python. Coding a complete app in Python is very different from messing around with Blender’s interface.

I look forward to having a real update eventually.


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