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Considering I haven’t produced a public alpha version yet, I’m not ready to start begging for cash, but if you’d like to support development extra-early(or learn about upcoming fundraisers), here are a few ways you can help:

Develop features for Blender that would help BlendShow.
Areas I’d especially like to see improvement in include:

  • Game engine, of course. Anything in that area will help BlendShow. This is thankfully still a fairly strong focus of the core developers, though mostly with the intent of improving other areas of the software.
  • Code a font selector like EVERY OTHER program with multi-font text-entry has. Choosing fonts by finding the file is unintuitive, especially on Linux, where the font files are scattered in several folders. Even if it’s a plugin, it will help. The coder that either gets this into the official Blender release or in a way that can be included with BlendShow(GPL plugin) will get a personal thank you from me in an email or other digital message. Maybe even via snail-mail if possible!
    I’m willing to code this myself, but it’s even better if somebody does this before I can get to it.
  • Make Blender support more than 4 fonts in a text object. Currently you can only set a regular, bold, italic, and bold/italic variation. These can be completely different fonts. This is a weird way of choosing fonts, just like the previous bullet point.
  • Is embedding an interactive webpage as a texture possible? This seems like a long shot, but not only would displaying live webpages on a 3D object be a useful feature, it would allow for limitless text formatting options, with the exception of real 3D text(maybe a feature in 10 years?). Second Life can already display a webpage as a texture on a 3D object and it’s pretty cool, especially once you discover you can browse your website on a CONE!
    A possible implementation of this is using a live screen capture of a web browser, maybe using VLC. All clicking can be done in the browser. Preferably it would integrate with a separate browser, as I wouldn’t want to maintain security updates on a special Blender browser.

Buy me an item on my wishlist. I’m currently eager to get the new Game Development With Blender book, because the more I can learn about the game engine, the better BlendShow will be.

via Paypal.

Honestly, my time is so sparse right now that this might not actually get me to focus more on BlendShow, but it might guilt me into getting some work done on it. It would likely all go toward my Blender Cloud membership.


Watch for upcoming fundraisers if development time isn’t enough reward. Once I get a few templates built to perfect the code and to serve as examples, I plan on offering commissions for custom templates. You can either have the template for private use, or for a discount you can allow me to let others use it under a Creative Commons license, thus also improving the entire program with more template or asset options. When I’m ready for commissions, there will likely be 3 price points: basic slide-based(one focal point), pan-and-zoom(many focal points), or video game style(in a world… where text goes anywhere and does anything…).

Kickstarter! Or similar! I plan to open a store to let you sell your templates and tools/assets, but I would feel more comfortable starting a business entity before handling other people’s money. Donation incentives will include varying amounts of commision-free time on the store(you would get ALL of the selling price for things you sell there, minus Paypal fees) from 1 month to lifetime memberships, and hopefully I can include stickers for your presentation remotes and laptops.

Or you can donate to the Blender Foundation. Without them, BlendShow wouldn’t be possible, and all work done on Blender improves BlendShow. If you are at all uncertain about donating to this lone programmer, I would be perfectly fine with your donation going to them. I wouldn’t mind hearing that I’ve directed money to them, either. They certainly deserve more than they get.

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